My wish came true!??

My daughter barged into my room shouting “My wish came true! I was good when the cleaners came!!” I love her random enthusiasm; it the complete opposite of me. The good news when she flew in, I was just ending a Peloton ride, so I was in a good mood to dive into this with her. Heaven help the person who interrupts my ride with ten minutes left while I am in a flat out effort! But timing was with us and I was able to catch the wave of her excitement with my endorphin high. What I found fascinating about her statement was two things. First, I didn’t realize this was a wish, or a goal. Truth be told it wasn’t. She didn’t know the cleaners were coming. BUT she was reflecting on how her morning went, and was proud of herself for being “good” while the cleaners were there. She did what she needed to do, and was proud of a “thing” she didn’t put all this advance effort of planning and identifying finish lines. She was right, she should be proud. I loved that she was able to positively appreciate something and share it with others like it was the best thing since sliced bread. It wasn’t the end of a goal, or a project, or some big milestone we set. It was a win. And she wanted to celebrate it. As if behaving for two hours should get an award… well no, but the energy in which she brought this profound statement to me, was contagious and reminded me to celebrate and acknowledge all the “good” stuff, not just the areas we invest all our energy in striving toward.

The second reason this struck me was the word she used. Her ‘wishcame true. Now maybe she doesn’t really know what a wish is, but in her growing mind a wish is something she effected, something she is to be proud of. Usually we think of words like ‘wish’ and ‘hope’, are softer, less empowering, taking the action orientation away. Removing the individual ability to do something about it. But not for her. To wish for something is the same as having a goal and taking the bull by the horns to make it so. She didn’t wish it and poof it happened, she had this idea that she needed to “be good” and she knew that she had to take some action to make it happen. Maybe the passivity of the word wish is changing. Maybe thanks to Disney and their empowerment that even princesses need to make changes if they want change, is actually sinking in. Maybe she is just wise enough at 6 to know that a wish is something you really want for yourself, and the only way to get what you want is to make the pathway yourself. Or maybe she really doesn’t have a clue.. certainly a solid possibility. But I am going with my interpretation and my opportunity to reflect.

The point of my ramblings are 1) Bring explosive energy and celebrate everything, even the things that may seem small, they might be huge hurdles for others, and they don’t need to be on the master plan for our future vision. 2) Wish: State out loud what you want and then go get it. Make it so. The power is within you. Happy Friday Eve!

“Wish it. Want it. Do it.” ~Brian Griffin

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