Connected Culture


Connecting solutions. How cultivating a problem-solving workforce impacts the bottom line. 

Connecting the dots. Why everyone in the organization need to understand the goals.

Hi! We are Rachael and Andie. We met on LinkedIn and know all about the importance connecting has within organizations and the communities they touch. The human experience is what binds us together. When there is psychological safety we can show up as our whole selves and connect with others to listen, learn, create, and inspire.

Aligning with our values, relating with each other, and continuous improvement is what delivers success. When we connect people and purpose in the workplace we are unstoppable!

Listen to our 3-part series where we share our musing on how to cultivate a connected environment by putting theory into action.

Connecting with people. Why psychological safety is not a “nice to have” but a MUST for business longevity. 

For more information connect with Rachael Gass or Andie Herbert.

Our strategies build connections impacting the bottom line.

Complete our culture checklist to learn more about your Connected Culture.

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