Optimizing the Workplace

Optimizing workplace experiences through authentic leadership and a connected workforce

People First.

Human capital is your organization’s number one resource. Employee engagement starts with knowing yourself and being clear on the culture you want. Investing in your people to lead where they sit improves engagement, purpose, and satisfaction. My core focus is on enhancing engagement through a people first, culture drives data, and process improvement approach. Do the ideas of your diverse team find their way into the conversation? Are the processes people do the most efficient and encourage growth? Do your teams feel connected, heard, and passionate about their work to speak up? Are your leaders managing or leading? If any of these questions do not have a clear answer I can help.

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Connected Culture

Connected your workforce to the goals, mission, each other is what sets high-performance companies apart and attracts and retains the right talent.

Using a talent optimization approach to provide data driven and tactical approaches will boost performance & team collaboration aligned to your business goals. I do this with The Predictive Index to deliver valuable individual, team, and strategic insights.

When the voices of the team are heard and differences are respected, employee engagement drives a positive culture.

Putting plans into action… My years of Project/Program Management and Change Management expertise can help your organization delivery on strategic initiatives with measurable outcome based criteria.

Team Building & Facilitation

Group dynamics exist. Period. I support teams through the development of awareness exercises, visioning, identifying norms, and conflict resolution, all within the lens of building high trust, optimally performing, diverse teams.

Whether large or small meetings – having an external facilitator maximizes the ideation from the team and provides thoughtful structure to meet the objectives of time spent together.

I offer an array of Group Coaching opportunities, either for individuals coming together to address similar goals or intact teams looking to strengthen their experiences. Group Coaching is a cost effective way to harness the experience of others working on similar goals in a facilitated, confidential, supportive environment.

Leadership Development

Emotionally intelligent leaders, who are in tune with themselves and their teams, invoke motivated and inspired, optimally performing teams with a high degree of engagement and trust.

Leadership and influence is required of everyone, regardless of title. I am passionate about helping emerging leaders find their most genuine and compelling way to lead and influence.

Personalized coaching is the ideal way to identify and cultivate your authentic voice. Leadership coaching, assessment tools, resources, and my personal experience in leading teams, can help you reach your peak performance.

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” ~Albert Einstein

Let’s collaborate.

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