I strongly recommend working with Rachael Gass if you aspire to progress in your career, move into a leadership role or develop your skills and abilities as a leader.  Rachael is passionate about the topic and cares about her clients.  Her openness and willingness to share her personal real-life experiences will resonate with you and inspire you to see that you can re-frame your own story. From thought partnership when developing your vision, to coaching for effective and meaningful conversations & relationships, to influencing and effecting change, you will walk away with greater insight and a set of tools that will impact how you lead and how you inspire others to follow your vision.” Dana, Healthcare Senior Manager

“Rachael has a strategic mindset complemented by a process-driven approach. She has the ability to think big picture and then focus in on operational issues and improvements. She is incredibly flexible, productive and collaborative. She brings her whole self to everything she does, and her authenticity instills confidence and trust in those lucky enough to work with and for her.” Jennifer, Health Plan Executive

“I had the pleasure of being part of Rachael’s Finding Your Leadership Voice group coaching session this past spring. The weekly topics, group discussions with individuals across multiple industries and positions, real life examples used to apply the leadership concepts, and resources provided made this engaging, educational, and practical rather than a format of simply presentations and lectures. The confidence in my leadership style and application grew exponentially by the end of this session. I would highly recommend it to anyone ready for that next step into not just managing but truly leading or those who have been in leadership positions but are looking to deepen/expand their skills.” Susan, Retail Finance Controller

“Rachael skillfully guided our team through a great discussion on values and how we can best serve our community when we live out the values we believe in as an organization. Rachael’s sense of humor and kindness led to an immediate connection with everyone in the room during our time together; this created an environment of trust that was crucial to open discussion and led to meaningful insight. We will invite her back and I highly recommend her to other organizations looking to bring in a consultant.” April, Crook County Director

“Rachael is unique combination of heart and head. She drives for outcomes (head), all the while bringing people along with compassion, kindness and inclusivity (heart). She brings passion, humor and humility to her work and has a real knack for facilitation and team-building.” Annie, Community Health Executive

“Rachael is the definition of an excellent leader and strategic thinker. She is masterful in supporting individuals while making sure the work is getting done. Rachael understands the need for flexibility and the importance of making the right process improvements, not just any process improvement. She is genuine and has a way of bringing individuals together that I have not experienced previously. I had the pleasure of working with her as my coach and mentor and I am so grateful for her knowledge and skills. She is an excellent thought partner for any topic at hand.” Allison, Program Manager

What Others Say

“I appreciate your thought partnership, your care, your “keeping it real-ness”. You are brave, empathetic, and most importantly – know how to call BS. You say the things I wish I was brave enough to say (out loud) and for that I’m also grateful to you for encouraging me to find my voice.”

Ling, Director of Healthcare Innovation

“An amazing leader who cares about the environment of those around her. She leads from the heart and also strategically. Rachael is a master mind in executing and developing strong cultures.” Erin, Program Director

“I have been fortunate enough to have worked with Rachael through several different projects. She is insightful and helpful in business and problem solving, she is very organized and prepares well for insights to help the client achieve results. Rachael is very professional and light hearted, a pleasant combination of attributes.” Don, IT Leader

“Rachael is a big picture, conceptual thinker. She is respectful and honest. She is an inclusive leader who encourages collaboration. She has an understanding and a heart for operations. Rachael has keen problem-solving skills, she is innovative, practical, and creative”

Nancy, Project Manager

“I’ve taken part in multiple coaching opportunities both in and out of my organization, informally and formally. Very few, perhaps if any, were tailored to my needs. I was in search of a program lead by someone I could trust to listen to my development goals and help me achieve success in key areas within my professional career. These goals include defining the type of leader I want to be as a woman of color who has the experience of mitigating bias and discrimination within the workplace. In the future, I want to be the kind of leader who takes actionable sets to protect psychological safety and promote growth and development. Knowing that the definition of “professionalism,” “strategic,” etc. are not the same as they were even 10 years ago, Rachael helped me define what they mean to me and in doing so, identify the 5 core values most important to me.

Rachael’s coaching program is unique because she doesn’t direct me or tell me what I need to do and how. Rather, she provides a breadth of strategies based on our unique leadership goals and works with us to help solve for what we’re trying to achieve in a way that’s aligned with our values. Our group coaching sessions allow for real-time problem solving as we move through our careers and I’ve found such value in engaging feedback from Rachael and my cohort. I found myself using the new leadership skills I learned during coaching sessions immediately within the next work day and week and can see change. I’ve also noticed that I employ the same techniques in my personal life. Whether I’m learning to manage up, conducting difficult conversations with colleagues or navigating workplace politics, the skills I’ve learned from this coaching program allow for tangible results (e.g., I’ve heard feedback from an executive who “couldn’t quite put her finger on it it” but noticed a slight shift in my “presence” and value add during meetings). I like that her program emphasizes emotional intelligence and how this is integrated into every aspect of the professional realm. I’ve learned to become more confident and intentional in my role and in knowing this, I have a newfound excitement for work. I am so thankful for Rachael’s guidance.” Tammy, Product Manager

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“The key to successful leadership is influence, not authority.” ~ Kenneth Blanchard

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