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Group coaching is a facilitated process where the group has a common theme, but individuals set their personal goals. One of the many benefits is the opportunity to leverage the experience of the entire group. In a cohort setting you will explore a range of leadership concepts, while maintaining focus on your goals and how your learnings can be put into practical, action-oriented application.

This group experience is a cost-effective way to learn more about yourself, your strengths, and opportunities, and to identify what values you want to invest in, to optimize your impact as a leader. Group coaching is not training. The learning and personal development is enriched from sharing experiences amongst the group, and reflection about your opportunities in alternative ways. Each session has a defined topic. As your coach, I will bring you relevant topics, introduce concepts or alternative ways of thinking, and facilitate dialogue and learning amongst the group. Some topics may lend themselves to an activity, where others are more didactic in nature, but for all sessions, the majority of time will be lent to self-exploration and discussion.

“I recently attended Rachael’s group coaching sessions and it was the best professional development experience of my career. She helped me so much in identifying the kind of leader I want to be and provided concrete exercises to develop the skills to support my vision. Rachael is an extremely gifted coach I can’t recommend her highly enough.” ~ Practice Leader, Health Plan

‘Finding Your Leadership Voice’ program is designed for managers at any level, whether new or experienced looking to develop their leadership skills to positively support others. Are you a formal or informal leader of people? Do you want to make a positive impact on others in the workplace? Have you received feedback and are not sure where to go with it? Do you want to obtain a position in leadership but need support getting there? If you answered yes to any of those question, then this program is for you. I also offer programs for intact teams customized to the culture. Please inquire.

Finding your Leadership Voice

Audience: Managers, Directors, Project & Program Managers, Individuals on the management track, or those in a position of influence looking to hone their leadership style (Maximum 8 participants). Price: $1295* When: Next session begins March 21 or 29, 2023. 75-minute sessions.

“I was looking for an opportunity to expand my thinking/knowledge of what leadership is and how it relates to management, people and the interactions between after a recent promotion. I had the pleasure of taking Rachael’s “Finding Your Leadership Voice” cohort and it did not disappoint!! She helped me identify and put words to the type of leadership I want to bring to my team and examine the skills to build for myself and my employees. If you have the chance, I’d highly recommend!”

  • Week 1: Identifying your values; What is great leadership? (First session is 90 minutes)
  • Week 2: The Predictive Index (R) Behavioral Assessment. Self discovery.
  • Week 3: Authentic Leadership. Servant Leadership. Transformational Leadership. Oh My! Which do you lean on?
  • Week 4: Emotional Intelligence: Why how you show up is essential in your work.
  • Week 5: Appreciative Inquiry. Calling upon our success to leverage our strengths.
  • Week 6: Maintaining engagement and monitoring energy in a virtual world.
  • Week 7: Managing Up & Influencing; Negotiating your leadership style with others.
  • Week 8: Power of Gratitude with yourself and others. Putting it all together.

Your Leadership Journey Enriched

Audience: People managers wanting to expand their influence and grow beyond their current leadership role.* Price: $799 When: 5- week program, bi-weekly 75 minutes sessions. Inquire for the next offering. (Max 10 participants).

  • Week 1: What is your brand? Your experiences translated into your leadership style.
  • Week 2: Emotional Intelligence EQi 2.0. Deeper dive into you and why EQ is crucial. Includes EQi 2.0 assessment.
  • Week 3: Giving kind and impactful feedback. Coaching others: How to identify strengths and positively talk about opportunities?
  • Week 4: Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity; Identifying your biases; Levering the diversity surrounding you.
  • Week 5: Making the most of your communications and harnessing your voice.

*Note: This is for past 1:1 or group coaching clients.

“I learned many things about myself not only as a leader but as a person. I will be utilizing the tools that I gained in this class to continue to develop as a person and a leader.” Business Owner, Cohort 1 Participant

What to expect with group coaching

As with any coaching, we will be ‘taking action’ on each topic. You will be thinking about your role, your team, what areas or goals you have for these topics to take a specific action to improve on your personal leadership journey.

Prior to the start of the group I will have a 30 minute 1:1 conversation with each group member to learn about participants and their goals. *Topics may vary depending on the goals of those in the group. It will be a group decision.

One additional 30-minute private coaching session is included. This session is conducted any time during the program or up to 2 months following the completion of the program. Program costs include the assessment and associated materials. Approximately a $215 value per program.

Additional 30-minute coaching sessions are discounted for those participating in group coaching.

  • 3 sessions – $400
  • 5 sessions – $600
  • 10 session – $1000

*Scholarships available. **Please inquire about non-profit and veteran discounts.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rachael in a number of different capacities– in her group coaching, as an advisor, and as a 1:1 coach. She has really transformed the way I view leadership and corporate relationships. She has helped me navigate situations in a professional manner that feels authentic and aligned with my personal values. Rachael’s knowledge has helped me be more intentional about my leadership style, what I’m dedicating my attention to, and how to express gratitude to myself and others. I’ve seen tremendous growth throughout my time working with her, and I plan to continue using her as a thought partner.”

— B.K., Software Engineer

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