Data Minded: A Tale of How The Predictive Index Helped My Marriage

Okay, that is a huge overstatement, but did I get your attention?? My husband is the science, data king. He may as well be ‘Bill Nye The Science Guy’ from my perspective. MBA, Statistician, if there is no data to support it, he doesn’t believe it. Soooo, we have a little bit of a conflict with my chosen field. In the past Organizational Development (OD), psychology, therapy, coaching, not a whole lot of scientific data to support the efficacy of these things. We try to make it scientific, but the studies are correlation not causation. Now, he has never doubted that I don’t help people or situations, of course he does, very supportive hubs, (or at least he fakes it well enough that my BS meter isn’t flashing). BUT he would be much more apt to tout the work I do if had some stats to stand behind. ENTER THE PREDICTIVE INDEX.

In my quest to find supporting data of how OD supports organizations, beyond the Likert scale of 1-10 “How do you ‘feel’ about xyz?”, which does not fly in the conversations with my hubby, I came upon The Predictive Index. Mind blown! Millions of data points to support who are the best folks to fit certain jobs, the best way to coach and manage individuals on you team without guessing or making assumptions about them, how to build an effective team align with your strategic direction… I’m not talking all the data to support why you should care about this stuff, i.e. the average cost of one bad hire for an individual contributor role costs $3,500, and for managers even more. They have all that too. But I am talking lining up job requirements with peoples preferences and their approach to work, in really understanding and building diverse teams, congruent with needed skills. All of these answers (and more) with years of data to back it up! My first thought, was “YES, I’ve hit the jackpot”. My second thought was “is this enough for my British, inborn skeptical husband?” I showed it to him. I waited. I let him review on his own (no sales pitch). IT WAS! He was impressed, and also to be frank (not Frank), he was relieved that there was finally something his wife was doing that had solid data to back up the recommendations and direction.

In closing of this tale… data wins when it comes to discussing business with the husband. P.S. If you want to create dream teams, make good hires, equip your managers to listen, manage, and coach better, let’s chat about The Predictive Index. What I have very briefly shared barely scratches the surface.

P.P.S. No need to send me scientific journals of psychology. Disclaimer, this blog is also for entertainment purposes as well as spurring thought and dialogue.

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One thought on “Data Minded: A Tale of How The Predictive Index Helped My Marriage

  1. Indeed I (hubs) am relieved that the Predictive Index exists. The greatest flaw of the human species is its overwhelming tendency to mistake agreement for truth. We cannot escape the need for the confirmation of others, but that don’t make it so.


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