40 hours of driving

Travel is exciting. Travel is also exhausting. I have no where to be. No timetable per say. Reservations for where my family will rest their head, but other than that, we are free birds. So I should be totally relaxed, right? Then why am I not feeling super relaxed? My goal for this summer of adventure was to stay present. To be mindful of where I am, be grateful for where ever I find myself, and stay flexible. Well three weeks into it and I can’t say I am fully embodying this. So far our road trip has brought us to Joshua Tree. One night in a Yurt and a “Honey Pot” (that is not what I thought I signed up for). Driving through Joshua Tree was cool. I have always wanted to go since the U2 Joshua Tree album landed in my collection 25 year ago. We spent 2 days in Palm Desert, nothing much to say there, except thrilled to see a friend! Phoenix with family. GIANT EXHALE. Even with the heat. My husband spent Father’s Day with 3 of his 4 children, which is really beautiful. Then to Las Vegas, which I love, although way more without a dog. Those lobbies are huge with an old dog that needs TO GO (oops… the hotel crew earned the $100/night pet fee… sorry about that). 7 hours to Yosemite, that place is gigantic. Don’t go in there with a half tank of gas or an empty belly. Did you know people hitchhike through Yosemite? A 3.5 hour drive from Yosemite to the Sacramento which ended up taking 6 hours… flight missed. Long day! But I have no where to go, so in the scheme of things, not a big deal. But when you are tired, it’s the pits!

Since my last update we moved out of our house. 2 days early since our internet provider shut off our service. The company shall remain nameless, but I don’t think I have ever seen so much red!! I was enraged. 12 nights in a very small (although uniquely designed, poorly executed) hotel room in Pleasanton. That was rough… as much as we wanted to stay to have Quinn finish up first grade, it was far from ideal. Packing and moving just stinks! We used all 8 uBoxes; why do we have so much stuff!

The few things have been reinforced for me over these past few weeks. 1) I need to work. I love my clients and it gives me great purpose. 2) I cannot go more than 2 days without working out. I love a good schvitz and am so happy to have access to a Peloton again. 3) I don’t hike… there is nothing about National Parks that I care to experience once I have seen the “awe and wonder”. Drive in, drive out, get back to the pool. 4) The pool is hands down my happy place. 5) Yurts in 108 degrees are stupid and should be illegal! 6) In case you weren’t sure from the millions of studies out there, SLEEP IS REQUIRED! Uninterrupted, no kid kicking, 8-9 hours of sleep. If I don’t get that, I am a bear. PS, you probably are too. 7) Emotions are contagious. When I was grumpy, my husband started to get grumpy. When he was grumpy, I would start to get grumpy. And alongside two people with emotions is a 3 small person picking up and reacting to both of us. YIKES! So again, emotions are contagious.

Best restaurants so far: Sushi Roku Las Vegas Caesars Palace. Amazing food. Fabulous service. Great view of the strip. Olive & Ivy Old Town Scottsdale. Great vibe. Great cocktails.

Best place to stay so far: My mommy’s house. Period.

It’s has been a good time to think about what my non-negotiables are that keep me functioning at my best self. What are yours? Either in your day to day or when you travel?

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