Honor Accomplishments

Celebrating how far I have come, I do not do that enough. I don’t do that hardly at all. And I know I am not alone in that. We are so driven to move forward, to accomplish the next goal, to check off the next thing on our list, we do not spend time appreciating and giving ourselves the pat on the back we deserve for what we have done. A lifetime (well 41 years for me) of accomplishments, that quickly get dismissed because we have been wired to always be looking forward. Yes of course I want to focus on my goals and keep pushing myself to learn and grow AND I also need to harness the positive energy celebrating all I have done, all I have learned, and who I am today.

Part of what I learned in coaching is Appreciative Inquiry, which harnesses the most positive experience(s) in our lives to gather that feeling of why it was so awesome, why it had such a profound impact on us, and use that feeling, that energy, that confidence, to propel us forward. To be able to stand up and say I did that, without ego, but with pride, is powerful. This reflection exercise has given me courage to take a moment, look back and say “yes, I have done hard things and I know I can continue to do hard things.” I am not sure if it is a North American thing, a Jew from New York thing, a women thing, or just a me thing, as to why it is so hard to be proud of myself. If I pause to let the self applause settle in, I am bragging or letting my ego drive me, or worse resting on my laurels. I surely can find the balance in emotional self-regard to give myself some well-deserved credit….?

It has been 3 1/2 months since the last day of my corporate job. In the scheme of things, not much time at all. I have established a business with my focus on team building and coaching leaders in middle management, am halfway through an accredited coaching program, have written over 20 blogs, have reconnected with more people, and met so many new people I cannot even count. I have launched a group coaching program, have created proposals and workshops aligned with my values, and although I am far from my goal of having a lucrative business to support myself and family long term, I have done A LOT! I have shown myself I can do cool things. I have an outline for a book idea, I have found a partner to do correlational research. I am creative! That was a muscle I didn’t even know I had. I am certainly motivated. And in between all the business development during a pandemic, I have a healthy kid, a loving relationship, I have learned to cook a few things, and know I must have a career outside the home. Phew. “Take a breathe Rachael. Relish this moment and be proud of yourself.”

I invite you to join me in celebrating all you have done. Whether in this past bizarre year or an amazing thing(s) you have accomplished in your lifetime. I will be working toward starting every day with a focus on the good things that are happening, and then drift into where I need help or am still growing. Happy New Year! Cheers to you and me and all we have done (and all we will continue to do).

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2 thoughts on “Honor Accomplishments

  1. Your post on “Honor Accomplishments” was delightful to read.

    It reminded me to pause and be compassionate and loving to my “self”.
    Reminded me to take the time to reflect on all I have learned and pushed through to be the person I am today.

    Thank you for the on point reminders as we begin 2021.

    With Great Respect and Love,


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