Appreciation and Awareness

It is a week of appreciation. Nurse appreciation, teacher appreciation… It is also Mental Health Awareness month.

This has been a particularly reflective week for me (go figure…I know you are all shocked that I am in my head processing).

One particular quote that resonated with me…

  • “We are all in this together, but we are not all in the same boat”

Everyone is having a different experience, some of us are with our family, some of us are alone, some are happy to have this time to reflect and be still, others are beyond busy in the healthcare space responding directly to the needs of our communities – some of us have heightened anxiety with the uncertainty, and some of us thrive in the eye of the storm – some of us are caring for those in our homes, while others are worrying that they can’t care for their loved ones. Whatever our situation is I genuinely believe we are all trying our best. That certainly doesn’t mean we are always at our best. The human condition of imperfection 😊.

I’d like to encourage each of us to have compassion for ourselves, and also have compassion, empathy, understanding for each other. Having empathy and awareness to our own struggles and the potential struggles of others give us the space to appreciate one another, rely on the trust we have built, build our own resilience, with the knowledge that kindness costs nothing.

I am appreciative to be part of a team with positive intention and a focus on caring for each other.

Here is an article from the HBP, What your coworkers need right now is compassion.

It takes a village… once super cliche… seems so spot on.

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