R= Real, sometimes too real…I say too much or say it too straight….A= Authentic, what you see is what you get…and again back to real…just gotta do me. Only took to 40 to be comfortable with that…C= Caring, oh how I care…care possibly too much, I still care what you think and you feel, so haven’t quite mastered the mid life comfy….H=Helpful, yup, i’m in, what do you need?…and I will do it (if I can and it’s legal, or I’ll find someone who can)…A= Approachable, the opposite of high school Rachael, see more comfortable above…E= Enthusiastic, whoop whoop, let’s do it!…L=Loyal, oye vay, strength – weakness, its both.

I know super cheesy. What is this some lame class or introduction ice breaker, introduce yourself with one word that starts with the first letter of your name to describe you. BARF. How many times I have said “Radiant”… PS I am not radiant… but cracked under pressure and couldn’t think of any words that started with R. One time I was ready to call myself a rabbit….

But seriously.. try it… sit down and write yourself a poem.. no one is looking… It is great way to figure out what your values are. What you value in yourself. What you want others to value in you. Who you strive to be. PS. What’s the average the length of a blog. Are we good here?

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Working mom, wife, friend, sister, organizational psychologist, learner, coach. Kindness Counts. People First. Integrity Always.

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